Our rooms at Heritage Living vary in size.  All rooms come with a twin bed, night stand, tall dresser, lamp, chair, and bedding along with towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Each room has a half bath with a toilet and sink. Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are also provided.  We encourage family members to decorate their loved ones room with pictures and things they love. Just because we provide the following does not mean you have to use it.

We believe that taking care of yourself inside and out is important to living a full life.  At Heritage Living we provide healthy home cooked and nutritious meals and snacks.  We offer a variety of exercise programs and have recently started a Wellness Wednesday campaign.  Card games and trivia sessions help with maintaining an active mind. We invite volunteers from the community to participate with us.  Social needs are also important to the health and wellness of our residents.

At Heritage Living our staff plays an important part in the care and well being of the resident.  We do on the job training and continuing courses along with in-services to make sure that we are providing the utmost care to our residents.  Personal care aides help in assisting the day to day needs of the resident, along with daily housekeeping, meal preparation, daily laundry services, activities, and just being there for comfort and extra care.  We take great pride in serving you and your loved one with the best care!