COVID-19 Vaccine

The first shipment of 200 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine was received by Lincoln County Public Health on December 21, 2020. We expect that the initial supplies of COVID-19 vaccines will be very limited for several months. This means that a vaccine will not be immediately available to everyone who wants one. To be as fair and efficient with distribution as possible, the state has developed a phased approach to vaccine distribution to save lives and end the crisis that has been brought on by the pandemic as quickly as possible. By vaccinating people who are most likely to get COVID-19 first, we can keep more Coloradans safe.

Below are the phases designated by the state, as well as a form to be added to the list for Phase 1b.

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Who will you be vaccinated for?

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Please choose one option. *Note: Colorado is currently in phase 1B.3- subsequent phases will not be contacted until we reach that phase. Priority given to earliest phases first. You will not be contacted until we are able to schedule an appointment for you.
Have you been seen by one of our providers in any of the Lincoln Health Clinic locations, is one of our providers your Primary Care Provider? A "No" answer does not exclude you from being added to the list but can help our staff locate your information and they may have additional questions.
Please enter your date of birth in mm/dd/yy format (2 digit month, 2 digit date, 2 digit year) No / required.
We don't need your entire address, just the city/town you live in.

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