“I wished I would have known I would be inheriting another family. ALL my coworkers treat each other like their own family. You can’t find that in many workplaces.”

“I wish I would have known how much a community/family it was. I may have come to work here sooner knowing that.”

“As a nurse in a rural setting you get to be the pharmacy, code team, social worker, respiratory therapist, anesthesia in the ER, and nurse all in one. You get to use so many different skills you were always told in nursing school ” you will never have to do that, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, or another entity will be there to do it” In some ways that is not a bonus but to me, overall, it has been a huge bonus to this job. I have been able to do so many things I never would have in the city. Also, knowing your patients and family members in the community and then taking care of them is incredibly rewarding.”

“How fast everyone will know your name. I’ve been on for 3 months and I feel like everyone knows my name, and I’m still trying to figure out who everyone is! Makes a person feel good :)”
“The deep sense of community and support of the staff and the surrounding community and its patients that the hospital shows and demonstrates on a daily basis.”

“It is really is like a second family. You really are caring for your neighbor. Your patients will pray for you, notice when you seem tired or having an off day and even ask about your kids by first name! The doctors are nice to nurses and don’t chew your butt in front of all your coworkers to try & prove their hierarchy. They appreciate you and respect you, especially when you return that respect.”

“That LCH truly cares about their employees. I’ve never worked for a company that includes and cares for everyone.”

“I never knew I could learn working at a rural hospital. The opportunities for growth have been amazing!”