Our Transport Services provide a high level of critical care. We have fully equipped, self-contained ambulances for ground transport and offer 12-month readiness and support. 

For nearly 20 years Lincoln Health has operated a Transport Team; currently comprised of four Paramedics and four EMT’s, our team of emergency professionals is available on a 24/7 basis.  We have two ambulances providing transport services, and when not on the ambulance, our team staffs the Emergency Department. 

Other services offered: 

  • Ambulance transfer of patients, emergency and non-emergent 
  • Basic Care, Critical Care, Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support services available on all transports 
  • Basic Life Support classes (American Heart Association), Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Pediatric Life Support for Health Care Providers 
  • CPR and AED and Heart Saver CPR, AED and First Aid classes for the general public 
  • Present Annual EMS Conference and regional education programs in Aurora 

Our partnership with Airlife Denver began in September 2015 and they have a beneficial addition not just to our community but to the communities of our neighboring rural hospital’s as well. AIRLIFE is the Emergency Medical /Critical Care Transport Service has a team stationed at Lincoln Community Hospital in Hugo, which provides air critical care transport for both adult and pediatric medical/ trauma patients. The primary medical crews are comprised of two flight nurses or a flight nurse and flight paramedic, each with a minimum of five years' experience in critical care and emergency nursing. AIRLIFE also provides High Risk Obstetrical Transport, High Risk Neonatal Transport, and Intra-aortic Balloon Pump Transport. These teams are composed of two caregivers from the following: primary flight team nurse, a specialty trained HROB nurse, nurse practitioner, or respiratory therapist. Check them out online AirLife Denver.